Gary Fischer

​ Thank you Dan, Diane and your entire MSP team for consistent car shows that draw such a great variety of top cars. The cars are exceptional and their owners are a pleasure to talk to show after show. 

Jennifer Estes

Thank you for such a great time Saturday!  I enjoyed the show, too much fun!  Let's do it again!  

A.J. Ferreiro

Had a great time entering my first car show!  Thanks!

Joe Gamez

I enjoyed the car show in Irving. Wow!  Looking forward to your next event. Please add me to your list of Invites on future events.

Albert Villarreal

Enjoyed the show.  Hope to be here again next week! 

Jack Graves

My wife, Jo, and I really enjoyed the show, rain and all. Thanks for all you do to make everyone feel at home at your shows.

Carmen Pina

Was my pleasure to be a part of your show.  Thank you and I love my trophy!

Reuben Alvarez

I really enjoyed the car show. The best part of the show was that it was extremely family friendly and welcoming to say the least. I can't say enough about how well organized the event was coordinated by your staff as well as the City of Irving.  I like the fact that we as car show participants were allowed to do the judging.  That is always a plus. 

Karen Gearhart

Hey Dan, you really did a great job with the car show! Thanks so much for doing this for our community, and I hope you continue putting on this show and I'll continue to participate!

Joe Moses

Dan, this is wonderful. It is a tremendous feeling to know that the Manifolds on Main Street Car Show is in the hands of such a qualified promoter.  Very grateful! City of Irving / Parks & Recreation Department

Kristin Kaufman

Dan,  I want to personally thank you for participating in our Grand Prix fundraiser for Preston Center Rotary at the Gas Monkey Bar  n' Grill in Dallas. You did a marvelous job! Everyone was so excited to see such a collection of cars AND to have such grand involvement. We appreciate your hard work, professionalism and support. 

Bob Johnson

Dan & Diane , Thank God for the beautiful weather and thank you all so much for a great show. The turnout was fantastic and everyone had a wonderful time. I talked with one of our long time members this morning who had a car in the show and he was extremely complimentary of the show and how well it was run,  Your show boosted the participation in the craft show and we raised over $4,000 for the mission. I look forward to doing it again.

Tom and Karen Beacham

"Dan, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you and your staff that Karen and I had a wonderful time attending your car shows this year. You and your staff have always gone above and beyond no matter the day! 

Dennis Stebenne

Dan and Diane and the entire MSP team I thank you all for the hard work and opportunity for us to share our cars, trucks and motorcycles with the Dallas communities. You do the best shows in the area and we all appreciate you. May God bless you.

Don Silaff

Dan,  I want to thank you and Diane and MSP as well as all those that help you with the shows for all you do each and every show to let us "car people" enjoy a wonderful time together, to share our rides with others, see our car friends, and just chat with others about our rides.  

Don Silaff (2nd Testimonial)

MSP always puts on a great show and I know everyone really enjoys them as I hear it over and over that your shows are the best we all attend. A tribute to all your efforts.  God Bless and keep up the good work.

Jim Rowe and Son

"Thanks Dan! BTW...If you ever say "Who is Dan?" around my 9 year old son...There is only one Dan in the world for my son...And that's "Dan the car show Man"  Its too funny! He always ask..."Is Dan's show this weekend? LOL! 

Charles Bevilaqua

Dan and Diane: Congratulations and thank you for another outstanding car show yesterday. I show my 1968 Plymouth GTX all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and North Texas and no one puts on a more participant friendly, quality show than MSP CAR SHOWS. See you and everyone at your next show.

Ruben Zarate

I had a blast being there today! Great show.  Ruben Zarate

Joe Gamez

I enjoyed the car show in Frisco at Elevate Life Church. Wow!  Looking forward to your next event. Please add me to your list of Invites on future events. 

Dennis Palmer

Dan… the car show was a huge hit yesterday, everyone in the club was very complimentary of the way the event was organized. I want to personal thank you for your hard work in putting this show together on such short notice.  Dennis Palmer, Co-Chairman, Benefit at the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill in Dallas.

Richard R.


Jon Szekely

DFWLX CLUB IS HERE AND REPPING! Having a great time. I must say, Dan Herod and MSP Car shows know how to draw a crowd. This may be another record breaking number of cars at this show. Wonderful mix of cars.

Jim and Linda Tambourine

My husband and I rarely do car show anymore... mostly cruise when we can, but there are a few shows we would not miss... and The Jimmy Crawford Memorial Show was one.  Just wanted to tell you that you did a great job with the show and all of us who know the Crawfords appreciate you putting it together. 

Mike, Anne, Trey & Brenden Price

Dan and Diane, My wife and I intend to wear you out next year!  All of the show info and updates are great. MSP has become The Car Show Family of North Texas!  HAS BECOME THE CAR SHOW FAMILY OF NORTH TEXAS. 

Mark Patterson (Plum Crazy)

Merry Christmas Dan and Diane! It's been great getting to know you guys and the great folks that attend your shows. I look forward to more muscle car fun with your events!

Ray Smith

Dan and Diane, thanks for all you do. And thanks for putting on great shows all year long.  Hope to make many more shows.  Didn't get to as many as I would have liked so far this year, but hoping to make more of your shows. 

Chad Hastings

Dan, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful car show event you produced at Town East Mall.  The public’s enthusiasm for this event was tremendous.  I received numerous “thank you’ s” from car show attendees, the general public and Mesquite's very own Mayor.  Ron, Debbie and I were all very impressed with the number of cars that arrived  as well as the smooth, effortless and very professional event production.  

Karen Dupois

Wow, Dan, the pictures were great and what fun we had.  Thanks for helping us raise all the toys and money.  It looks like every single child of our 670 will be provided for this Christmas!  What a wonderful blessing.  You are all heart.  It means a lot that you helped Fostering Hope the way you did.  Thank you again."  KAREN DUPOIS, FOSTERING HOPE CHILDREN'S FUND 

Bobby and Brendan Godwin

Hi Dan, This is Bobby and Brendan Godwin. The crazy father/son team with the Hearse. lol. Anyway we just WANT TO say thank you for putting on the car shows. We love tinkering with our car and showing it off. It has been an awesome father/son bonding experience and we love coming to your shows. We have gone to other area shows put on by other productions but your shows are by far the friendliest and most welcoming shows we have been to. Thank you.

Raymond Schellenger


Dan, Thank you for all you did to make the day a great success.  I believe the total dollars donated to the NTX Community Food Pantry was over $1600 plus cans of food and bagged items.

Amy Kinkade, Special Events Supervisor City of Irving Parks and Recreation

  Hi Dan,

This is WAY overdue…but a HUGE thank you for making Main Street Event in Irving such a success with the car show!! It was very professionally put together and smoothly ran…it truly wowed me and couldn’t be more happy to team up with you. Look forward to seeing you soon and continue working together!  

Wes Rogers


I had a blast at the car show. Thank you for putting it on. We will be at the next one and looking forward to future car shows. The crowd was awesome, some of the people we talked to the have cars out there. They were very nice and engaged in great conversation and didn't mind you looking at their cars. Thank you again.

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